You’re enjoying a steaming cup of coffee as you walk back to your office, when a coworker runs into you, spilling the coffee everywhere!

It’s seeping into the carpet, it’s all over Dan from accounting’s desk, and it’s only a matter of time until it stains. This is where janitorial service is vital.

We all know janitors as the lifesavers for everyday messes, but did you know they do so much more than that? Keep reading to learn about janitor duties and responsibilities you may not be aware of!

Janitor Duties and Responsibilities You May Not Know About

When we think of a janitor, we assume all they do is clean.

While this is a large part of what they do, there’s a lot more to this job than cleaning. Here are ten janitor duties you may not have known about…

1. Performing minor plumbing repairs- Taking care of clogged toilets and other minor plumbing issues are one of the janitor’s duties. 

2. Keep cleaning supplies in stock- In addition to using them, a janitor will take care of inventory and ordering new supplies as necessary.

3. Stocking restroom supplies- That roll of toilet paper that’s magically there when you need it is all thanks to your janitor!

4. Making sure doors are locked at the end of the day- It’s no coincidence that janitors are the last ones to leave the buildings at night. When they complete cleaning at night, they’re responsible for making sure all the doors and windows are secured.

5. Overseeing the entire building- Sure, the janitor will clean a spill or other mess when called, but they generally keep an eye on the entire building. Janitors spend the day walking around and making sure no messes are left and no repairs are left undone so the work is done before you need to call them!

6. Cleaning for one-time events- Janitorial services can be hired for one-time events as well as full-time work. For your big party, dance, or meeting, a janitor can take care of the mess afterward.

7. Sanitization- Janitors are a crucial part of any medical building. With bodily fluids, sickness, and bacteria a problem in these areas, a janitor is equipped to sanitize the premises to keep staff and patients healthy.

8. Changing lightbulbs- Has a lightbulb in your office gone out? Let a janitor take care of it for you!

9. Schedule major repairs- If a repair is too big for a janitor, they’ll talk with the building manager to schedule someone for it.

10. Hard floor maintenance- A janitorial service won’t just clean your hard floors, they’ll buff, seal, and wax them as well!

Are You Ready to Work with a Janitorial Service?

Whether your office is in a medical facility, a commercial building, or a government building, janitorial services are essential for the health and safety of clients, patients, and employees.

Janitor duties and responsibilities are much more extensive than you may realize. A janitor’s services can be catered to your unique needs for your job or building.

To learn more about our janitorial services, reach out to us today!