Offices are susceptible to many germs and bacteria; a recent study found that an average office desk contains more than 10 million germs. Meaning that taking a phone call can put you more at risk for illness than sitting on a toilet seat.

Your office will need a commercial cleaning crew to eliminate such bacteria. However, not every crew is as knowledgeable as they should be and can make mistakes. 

That’s why we’ve looked into everything you’ll need to know about common commercial cleaning mistakes. That way, you know how to avoid such mistakes and how to spot faulty cleaning crews. 

Now, are you ready to get started? Here’s a quick look at commercial cleaning errors: 

1. Don’t Clean Just What You Can See 

A common error commercial cleaning crews make is only cleaning the visible surfaces. Bacteria and germs like to hide in hard-to-reach places and on surfaces that might not be thought of. 

Crews should clean different surfaces like in and under cabinets, chair arms, and windows. Some other hard-to-reach surfaces include shelves, the inside of appliances, and bathroom mirrors. 

That way, all the germs, and bacteria are cleaned rather than some of them. This will make the office environment healthier and eliminate the risk of illness. 

2. Don’t Miss High Touch Places  

Surfaces like doorknobs, keyboards, desk phones, and elevator buttons are some of the most touched surfaces. Other examples include toilet handles, appliance handles, and handrails. However, because these surfaces are frequently used, some cleaning crews forget to clean them.  

If you notice high-touched surfaces are not being cleaned, you need to talk to your cleaning crew or hire another. Not cleaning these surfaces makes them a hot spot for bacteria and germs, allowing illnesses to spread throughout the office. A good cleaning crew will not miss these areas and will thoroughly clean and disinfect each one before leaving. 

3. Forgetting to Disinfect

A good cleaning crew understands the difference between cleaning and disinfecting. After all, wiping down an area with a cloth or a duster will not do much other than sweep the area of crumbs and stains. In order to eliminate germs, the cleaning crew needs to disinfect the surface with a sanitizer and then wipe down the area again. 

Cleaning and disinfecting should be at the top of any good crew’s office cleaning routine. It will ensure the space is sterilized, preventing germs from spreading and causing illness.  

Avoid These Common Commercial Cleaning Mistakes  

Cleaning crews can make common commercial cleaning mistakes. These often include only cleaning visible areas, missing high-touch places, and not properly disinfecting surfaces.  

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