If you’re overwhelmed by the number of cleaning services in your area or have had difficulty finding a quality service, you aren’t alone.

Every year, the average cleaning company loses around 55% of its customer base due to low performance.

This means it has become quite difficult to find (and keep) a quality, professional cleaning service.

To help you navigate these choppy waters, we’re breaking down the top five common mistakes to avoid when selecting a janitorial service.

Common Mistakes When Selecting a Janitorial Service

By understanding these common mistakes managers make when selecting a commercial cleaning service, you can save time and find a janitorial service that will last.

1. Selecting a Janitorial Service Without Liability Insurance

Making sure your potential cleaning company has liability insurance is crucial. This ensures damage coverage in case of cleaning or other accidents.

However, it’s important to determine whether a company’s liability insurance contains a clause called “Care and Custody.” Without this clause, any item a cleaner is working on will not be covered by insurance.

Consider if a cleaner is cleaning a window and it breaks. The damage isn’t covered if the Care and Custody clause isn’t included in the cleaning company’s liability coverage.

Be sure to inquire with your potential company regarding this clause.

2. Not Contacting References

If a company has been in business for a while, it should have a list of references.

Contacting these references is one of the best ways to get the full scoop on whether your potential cleaning company is trustworthy and offers quality services.

In addition, reading online reviews about the company can provide honest feedback from previous clients.

3. Focusing on the Lowest Cost

While it may be tempting to choose a very low-cost cleaning company, this can backfire.

Staffing experienced workers who are also licensed and insured will increase the costs of operating a quality business. If a company’s fees are too good to be true, they may not be operating with professional employees.

Try not to go for the lowest option when comparing cleaning costs.

4. Not Selecting a Company With Licensed or Certified Staff

When considering options for janitorial services, choosing one with commercial cleaning experience and licensed or certified staff can go a long way.

Years of experience, plus licensing and certification in different cleaning methods, ensure employees meet a high standard of quality.

5. Not Asking About Quality Control Methods

Determining how cleaning personnel are managed for quality control is essential. Professional companies will have a Quality Control Policy. This outlines how they maintain quality for their clients.

Ask your potential company how they select their employees and test them for competence.

Sunlight Janitorial: Professional and Experienced Janitorial Services

At Sunlight Janitorial, we’re proud to have served the Central Coast of California (including Paso Robles, Atascadero, San Luis Obispo, and Templeton) for nearly 30 years.

Whether you need medical, commercial, or professional office cleaning, our licensed janitorial service delivers quality results.

All our employees are professional, courteous, and have passed background and DMV checks.

Selecting a janitorial service can be daunting, but the right company will clear your worries away.

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