Does your business need janitorial cleaning services? 

If so, you can expect to find dozens of local options to choose from. But, they won’t all offer the same services or rates. 

So, how can you find your perfect fit?

The answer is to shop smart! Read on to learn 7 essential questions that you should ask before hiring professional cleaners. 

1. How Much Do Your Cleaning Services Cost?

Find out if your company of choice charges by the hour, or by the size of your space. You should also schedule a consultation, where the company conducts a walk-through and offers a detailed quote.

2. Can You Provide Professional References?

It’s essential to hire a company with a positive local reputation. The right cleaners will happily provide a detailed company history and reviews to help you feel confident in your decision.

3. What Is Included in Your Janitor Services?

Every company won’t offer the same service when it comes to cleaning. And, you might be surprised by what is or is not included in their work. 

Choose a company that offers professional cleaning services that suit your business needs specifically, rather than a general housekeeper or generic cleaning crew.

4. How Long Does Cleaning Take?

You’ll need to know how much time the cleaning crew plans to spend at your business, especially if their services will take place during your operating hours.

You might need to schedule a special deep cleaning for your first visit. And, in some cases, the amount of time it takes the crew will decrease once they are familiar with your space. 

5. Is Your Company Licensed and Insured?

To protect yourself, your employees, and your business property, you should only hire a professionally licensed and insured cleaning company. That way, should something go awry while they are cleaning your space, you know everybody will be covered.

This is also essential, as a cleaner who gets hurt on the job will likely be owed workers’ compensation. And, if their employer isn’t insured, you could be left footing the bill. 

6. What Kind of Cleaning Products Do You Use?

Some commercial cleaning products can cause health issues, like skin rashes and difficulty breathing. So, many businesses are switching to greener cleaning agents. But, others haven’t made the change yet.

Some cleaning service options allow you to provide your own cleaning products at a slightly lower rate. That way, you know exactly what is being used and can control which chemicals your space is exposed to. 

7. How Are Your Employees Selected?

You wouldn’t trust a stranger with the keys to your business, and hiring a cleaning service shouldn’t be any different. Opt for a company that screens its staff thoroughly before hiring.

It’s also important that newer staff members be monitored on the job and that performance evaluations are conducted regularly. That way, you know you’ll get consistent service, no matter which employee comes to clean your space. 

Sunlight Janitorial Cleaning Services

Now that you know which questions to ask, it’s time to find the perfect janitorial cleaning services for your business. 

Contact Sunlight Janitorial or call (805) 466-1329 today for a free quote. We have decades of janitorial experience on the Central Coast, and would love to learn how we can be of service to your business!