With many companies making the decision to return to the office, it’s important to keep everyone safe and healthy. One way to do this is with a regular office deep cleaning that keeps spaces COVID-free. 

An average of 10 million bacteria can be found on an office desk. That is about 400 times more bacteria than found on a toilet seat.

If that number grosses you out, you’re not alone. But there are ways to keep the germs at bay. 

If you want to keep your office healthy, it’s going to need deep cleaning. Learn how to keep your office COVID-free with this guide.

Focus on High-Touch Surfaces

Cleaning and disinfecting surfaces can reduce the risk of spreading COVID. Focus on cleaning your office every day. High-touch surfaces may need attention more than once per day. These can include: 

  • Counters
  • Tables
  • Doorknobs
  • Phones
  • Toilets
  • Light switches
  • Handles
  • Stair rails

Also, make sure the staff is washing their hands properly and frequently. Consider posting signs around the office that encourage good hand-washing techniques

Deep Cleaning Your Desk

Remember the bacteria we mentioned on your office desk? There are ways to keep that number much lower with regular cleaning of your desk and computer.

Before cleaning your desk, remove everything from the surface. Remove dust and then clean and disinfect the surface.

Lunch breaks and snacks at your desk mean your keyboard has seen its share of crumbs. Turn the keyboard upside down over a trash can to shake out debris, then use a can of compressed air to dislodge the rest. Use a cleaner and cloth to disinfect all sides of the keys.

To clean your mouse, remove debris in the gaps between the buttons and mouse using a toothpick or folded sticky note. Compressed air can help get rid of the rest. Then wipe down the surface with a cleaner and disinfectant.

To keep harsh chemicals from damaging the anti-glare coating on your monitor, a microfiber cloth with cold water will do the trick. Use a 50/50 solution of water and white vinegar if it’s particularly grimy.

Hire a Professional Janitorial Service

It’s important to keep a cleaning schedule to make sure your office is staying as germ-free as possible. But you might not always have time to clean and disinfect your office consistently each week. That’s where a professional cleaning company comes in. 

Look for a reliable company that will excel at disinfecting your office. Also make sure they offer services you need, whether that is medical, commercial, or professional office cleaning. 

Consistent cleaning is the key to keeping your office COVID-free. A professional janitorial service can help you do that. 

Keep Your Office Clean

Now that you know the importance of deep cleaning your office consistently, it’s time to implement a schedule in your workplace. Make sure high-touch surfaces and individual workspaces stay clean and disinfected. 

We’d love to talk with you about helping you keep your office COVID-free. Get in touch with us today for your free quote.