The janitorial service industry is a $117 billion juggernaut. This number will only increase given our current status with the pandemic. 

If you’re looking for a commercial janitorial service to clean your office, you probably have a lot of options. 

Every office place is unique, and everyone has specific preferences. Keep reading to figure out how to choose the right service for your office.

Location and Services

The first items to inspect are if the cleaning company services your location. Call or email to find out if your location is within their range. 

If you plan to be a repeat customer, some companies will make exceptions. 

Don’t forget to ask about their suite of services. Do they only do surface cleaning? Can they clean the carpet and hard surfaces? You should know exactly what they are capable of doing and how they’ll do it.


Your office is a place where people spend about 40 hours a week of their lives. Some workers have probably spent several years working there.

They all deserve to feel safe about who is coming into their spaces to clean.

Make sure the people coming to clean aren’t career criminals. Ask about the screening and standards the company has for its employees. Do they conduct background checks? What kind of training is involved?

You want professionals who know how to clean and won’t make simple mistakes due to lack of experience.


Even the best cleaners can’t get in trouble by not having insurance. If a cleaning professional accidentally breaks something in your office, who is responsible?

Insurance will protect your office from broken items and injuries, and it protects them from monetary loss as well.

Make sure to get proof of insurance as well as the monetary limits and restrictions.

References and Reviews

Sometimes the best way to pick an excellent janitorial service is by getting a list of references from current clients. This gives you the chance to get an honest opinion based on customer experience.

Be sure to ask the references about the quality of service and billing. If the references are giving glowing reviews, you want to make sure you’re getting the same service and terms.

Another good option is to read online reviews. Beware of fake reviews though. At times, people will leave poor reviews to try and damage a company. And a less-than-reputable company may hire people to leave fake positive reviews.

Healthy and Clean

The most important goal is if your workplace will be clean and your workers healthy. Are they using safe chemicals that won’t cause health problems later? Are all the germs and dirt eliminated?

Find out if there’s a guarantee if expectations aren’t met. 

Pick a Commercial Janitorial Service Today

Make sure you pick the right commercial janitorial service today. You want to ensure your office is a clean environment, especially during a pandemic.

Don’t leave everyone’s health and safety to chance.

If you’re ready to have the professionals come clean, then contact us today! We will make sure every corner is spotless.