A great janitorial service helps you put aside one worry about your business’s appearance. And while you may think anyone can do the work of keeping floors clean and trash cans emptied, your physical work locations deserve the effort of finding the right cleaning partner. Here are a few criteria to examine when you look for a janitorial service to meet your needs.

1. Their Experience
One indicator of a company that will be able to meet and exceed your expectations is how long they have been in business. Experienced professionals know the value of not cutting corners. They can properly price services so that your work is done efficiently but also thoroughly. And they can resolve unexpected challenges, such as specific stains or floor damage.

In addition to the business itself, ask questions of the staff. How long have they been with the company? How is the turnover rate? What training do they have? How experienced are the supervisors? How do they approach each job? As you undoubtedly know, a company is only as good as its staff is.

2. Similar Businesses They Service
What sort of experience does the janitorial business have with similar companies to yours? This would include companies of similar size and makeup as well as other businesses in your industry.

If you are a busy medical provider with multiple offices, for instance, you’d obviously ask about their experience with other medical providers’ offices. But what about different types of medical services (such as a lab or veterinarian’s office) or various businesses with multiple locations? How would the company service locations as busy or as hygienic as yours?

If possible, ask for a few references from other customers who the janitorial service feels would represent similar locations and similar needs.

3. Other Services They Provide
One excellent way for a cleaning and maintenance service to fill your needs is to be able to provide other services you require. After all, if you can find one vendor to care for all your different types of flooring, to clean offices as well as medical labs and high-tech equipment rooms, or to provide both light daily cleaning and heavy-duty spring cleaning, you won’t have to look for different services.
Look for additional services the janitorial service provides that you will actually use and be specific when talking with the vendor about your needs. A company that provides a large variety of services — but ones that you won’t ever need — may not be the best value for you, despite its versatility.

4. Their Business Practices
Don’t forget to ask about their company along with discussing yours. What are the philosophy, style, and business goals of this potential vendor? How would you feel about the way they approach their work?

Most businesses will benefit the most from vendors that are not only reliable but that also fit in with the way you do business. If you strive to keep your company ecologically conscious, for example, you want a vendor that feels the same way. If you are a perfectionist with your own business, only a similarly detail-oriented company can meet your expectations.

There is no right or wrong answer as to which company is the right janitorial service for you. The point of looking at different services is to find someone you feel will be able to provide excellent service while matching up with your interests and style of doing business. A small, independent company might be right for you, or a large and well-connected one might be the answer.

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