The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of cleaning and disinfecting commercial facilities. With staff returning to their desks, it’s vital that companies provide a safe and hygienic working environment.

But, how do you find the right janitorial service for your needs? Not all companies are created equal, and it’s vital to ensure you choose a cleaning partner that can provide outstanding results. Fortunately, you can look for several crucial elements that set a top-class janitorial company apart from the rest. 

Read on to learn more about hiring the best janitorial service in your area. 

Janitorial Service Experience

It may give you extra peace of mind to work with a janitorial company with plenty of industry experience. Seasoned staff can work more quickly than those new to the sector, and they can also find areas that others may not notice. This attention to detail reduces the risk of missing germs that could survive on public surfaces.

There is a difference between the procedures required for office cleaning and disinfecting areas such as restrooms. Therefore, it’s best to work with professionals who have a detailed knowledge of various cleaning practices.

Insurance Coverage

Before a company begins work, it should always have the proper insurance coverage. If an uninsured worker was to cause property damage or injure themselves or your staff, this could be costly for your business. A reputable janitorial service will be happy to show you their proof of insurance. 

Range of Services 

It can be tempting to search for ‘a janitorial service near me’ and hire the closest company. But, it’s vital to consider the range of services offered. While most firms will clean desks and carpets, you may also need to keep an exam room or canteen hygienic. The standard of service is also crucial as errors could leave areas contaminated.

Client Testimonials

A high-quality janitorial service will have a list of glowing client testimonials. These positive reviews confirm they are reliable and that they provide an excellent service. You can ask to view a selection of customer comments before signing a contract.


Choosing a business based on the cheapest quote isn’t always a good idea, as this can result in inferior cleaning results. But, a trustworthy janitorial company will provide its services at a reasonable price.  If you are unsure about the quote, you can ask a company to explain the various costs. You can then make an informed decision about who to hire.

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