The “safety first” mindset will be of the utmost importance as your business gets ready to fully reopen and welcome employees back into the office. Corporate giants are planning to bring back their employees very soon, and with that, there will be a lot of apprehensions.

You can set your business apart now by developing a plan for reopening. Here’s what we suggest! 

1. Agree On Safety Accommodations

The first thing to consider for preparing your office space is the safety accommodations you will settle on. Many states are reopening more quickly than their private businesses. This is understandable. 

Numerous private businesses went out of business during the 2020 pandemic. The shock of watching how badly economies across the world tanked seemingly overnight will have many offices on high alert.

Yours could be one of them. Sit down with your administrative staff prior to welcoming back the full team and determine things like whether masks will be allowed or social distancing will still be enforced.

2. Phase In Employees If Possible

Hiring a janitorial service for cleaning the office will be helpful, but you might still wish to phase in employees whenever possible. That means assigning a classification to each division and only allowing back one or two groups at a time.

If you’re a small business, this might seem like overkill. For medium- and large-sized businesses, however, it’s a great way to control any residual outbreaks that might occur.

3. Listen to Your Employees

Most employees will feel comfortable hiring commercial cleaning services because there’s a sense of comfort in knowing professionals are ensuring air and surfaces are properly sanitized. Don’t stop there, though. 

Ask your employees what would make them feel safe. Be open to letting them work from home if it is possible, at least until there’s no threat of a resurgence. 

4. Hire a Cleaning Service

Getting the best janitorial service possible will go a long way in making your employees feel safe upon their return. You will, of course, want to do your research and ask the right questions before hiring a service. 

The important thing is to send a message to your employees that their safety will not be compromised. They can come to work in peace knowing that everything possible is being done to ensure clean air and surfaces. 

5. Pre-Clean Before They Show

Hiring a janitor is a wise move for the sake of cleanliness. However, you must remember that janitorial services are there to deal with allergens, bacteria, and ensure cleanliness. Their job isn’t to decide what stays and what goes.

In other words, consider going through and doing a “pre-cleaning” before your janitorial service shows up to do their job. Pre-cleaning pretty much means sorting through your important items to decide what you plan to keep. This reduces the chance of something that you may need getting thrown out or lost.

Emphasize a Safety First Mindset to Put Your Employees at Ease

When you emphasize the “safety first” mindset to your employees, they will feel better about coming back to work. That feeling will result in higher levels of productivity and a return to normalcy for your business.

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