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Sunlight Janitorial provides professional cleaning and disinfecting services for Industrial, Commercial, Professional Offices, and Medical Facilities.


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Santa Maria Janitorial Services

Do you need professional office cleaning in Santa Maria? Searching for janitorial companies near me? You’ve come to the right place!

No matter what line of business you’re in or what relationship you’re trying to build, first impressions are important. They are the springboard and foundation that opinions about you or your business are built upon. Santa Maria is a growing city with new competition showing up all the time, making first impressions more important than ever.

It’s no longer good enough to offer just a great product or excellent service, instead, the customer demands a great experience from beginning to end. Appearance is a major part of that first impression and one easy way to make your business stand out amongst the rest.

In addition to new businesses bringing new competition the wake of the global COVID-19 pandemic has brought a new set of challenges making owning and operating a business more complicated than ever. Santa Maria has more Coronavirus cases than any other city in Santa Barbara or San Luis Obispo county and cleanliness is obviously a top priority.

Maintaining a clean, safe, and friendly experience for your customers is not just a daunting task, it’s a matter of safety. But who has the time or staff needed to sanitize and clean while still trying to work? For many business owners, this juggling act has become a difficult task to manage and they have found themselves looking for a solution, thankfully there is an answer.

Choice 1: Hire more staff members or set aside specific “after hour” shifts designated specifically for cleaning and sanitizing the workspace so that is safe for all customers employees

Choice 2: Hire us to come in and clean, sanitize, and “set the stage” for you so that your customers can have a great first impression and a perfect experience every time!

Understandably, many business owners might be hard-pressed to add another bill to their already stretched tight budget. The truth is, our professional janitorial services in Santa Maria add more to your business than just a clean or safe space. According to experts, a clean office means a productive office. In a world where predictability is far and few between, wouldn’t it be nice to have one thing you could count on? Our professional cleaning services in Santa Maria offer provide peace of mind so that you can do what you do best, helping your customers.

Commercial Janitorial

We specialize in commercial building maintenance. We clean Industrial, Commercial, and Medical facilities. Maintaining work areas in a manner that presents your business in a professional way. We clean desks, work stations, common areas, break rooms, conference areas, restrooms, and whatever our customers require.

Medical Office Janitorial

We sanitize all exam areas, restrooms, work stations, common areas, conference areas, and break rooms. Floors are disinfected and carpets are vacuumed. All trash is removed to the collection point. Terminal cleaning is also available.

Government Janitorial

Federal, State, and City facilities are also included in the Commercial Buildings we service. We offer a complete line of cleaning services for all our customers’ requirements.

More Services

Carpet Cleaning

We do both steam and dry shampoo carpet cleaning. Carpet spotting is also available for those emergency situations.

One-Time Events

Event clean-up can be scheduled for any size social event. This is restricted to commercial facilities only.

Hard Floor Maintenance

We service commercial vinyl floors, stripping, sealing, waxing, and regular maintenance, including high-speed buffing.


North County Service Area

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  • Templeton
  • Atascadero
  • Morro Bay
  • Santa Margarita

South County Service Area

  • San Luis Obispo
  • Los Osos
  • Shell Beach
  • 5 Cities
  • Grover Beach
  • Arroyo Grande
  • Santa Maria

Pros of Hiring a Professional Janitorial Service in Santa Maria, Ca

  • Trained Professionals Get the Job Done Right and Offer a Wide Range of Cleaning Services in Santa Maria

We understand that the cleaning needs of the businesses we service vary from one to the other depending on their line of work and the type of customers that they cater to. That’s why our Santa Maria janitorial services offer a wide range of options.

We are equipped to meet the needs of Professional Offices, Medical Offices, Medical Facilities, and Industrial Buildings alike. We offer a complete line of professional services to meet any and all of your cleaning needs including sanitizing all public and work areas and restrooms, maintaining, vacuuming, and/or disinfecting flooring, and removing trash from the building.

  • Great First Impression = Repeat Customers and Great Referral

Word of mouth is a powerful tool that can quite literally make or break your business. According to Small Biz Daily, the best and quickest way to grow your business is through referrals. An untidy office, however, is bound to make customers think poorly of the services you provide.

Even though you might offer the best product or service in Santa Maria, no one is going to want to recommend your business let alone become a repeat customer if their first impression is poor. Let us help you stand out and grow your business! 

  • Meets State or Local Standards = No Loss of Business

Cleanliness is big business, especially these days. Local or state governments may even have guidelines that must be followed in order for your business to finally reopen after a long quarantine pause or perhaps remain open. Any additional delays in reopening because of an inability to meet cleanliness standards would be costly.

To follow these guidelines and for the sake of the public’s health, businesses must now rethink how they go about their day to day to prevent transmission of germs or infection exposure. Whether you work in a medical or industrial building or even an office space we can make sure your workplace stays germ-free and safe. 

  • Increased Productivity 

If your employees were hired to complete specific and valuable tasks, cleaning is likely not one of them. If asked to take time to complete janitorial tasks productivity is affected. Loss of productivity equals loss of revenue, something every business wants to avoid! Hire us to bring in the right equipment and skilled staff to do what we do best and get your office to its most efficient working state so that you and your employees can do what you do best. 

  • Decreased incidence of Illness and On-the-job-injuries 

While costly sickness and woke- place injuries can’t always be avoided, a professional janitorial service can be surprisingly successful at decreasing the frequency in which they take place. One potential cause of injury is slippery freshly mopped surfaces and harsh cleaning chemicals, which can both be hazardous to the untrained hand. Our janitorial services make this problem disappear while properly cleaning and sanitizing which also helps to decrease the frequency of costly sick days taken by employees.

Operating a business is tricky enough without the hassle of cleaning and sanitizing. Whether you are trying to maintain the appearance on your own, having the staff pitch in, or looking for a little help, it’s a task that requires diligence and time. That’s why we specialize in doing it for you. It doesn’t matter if you have an industrial or professional building, medical office, or facility, we have the right skills to meet your needs.

Our custom cleaning can even be scheduled to your liking whether it be daily, weekly, monthly, or even a one-time deep clean. Call today and schedule a consultation to see how we can help with your commercial cleaning service in Santa Maria, Ca.