Did you know that the average office desk houses over 10 million bacterial organisms? If your business has an office, you’ll need to work hard to make sure it’s clean and hygienic. 

But when is it time to hire a janitorial service? You may be tempted to try and keep costs down by asking employees to tidy up after themselves. Unfortunately, this isn’t practical, and you may quickly notice warning signs that this plan isn’t working.

The following 5 signs could indicate that your business needs to hire professional janitorial services. 

1. There Are Visible Signs of Dirt

Your office may have started off looking immaculate, but this can change slowly over time. Dirt and grime can build up, eventually becoming noticeable to the naked eye when you look at your surfaces. This is one of the clearest signs that your company could benefit from working with a dedicated janitorial service. 

2. Employees Are Complaining About Their Work Environment

If your staff members are working in an unclean environment, this is likely to lead to complaints. As an employer, you’ll no doubt want to provide your employees with sanitary working conditions, but this may not be possible without hiring professional assistance. 

3. Hire a Janitorial Service if Clients Look Unimpressed With Your Office

You’ll want your business to have a professional appearance. But, if visitors are walking into an office space that has grime and dust on the surfaces, they are unlikely to be impressed. You may notice clients are keen to leave your office, or that they are reluctant to touch your desks and chairs. 

If this is the case, hiring a janitorial service could be something you need to do as a matter of urgency. 

4. You Have a Poor Employee Sickness Record

It’s not only the appearance of your office that can suffer if you don’t have a regular office cleaning routine. Being exposed to bacteria and viruses could contribute to your employees becoming sick and having to take time off work. If your company’s sickness record is too high, you might want to consider if your office needs to be thoroughly cleaned.

5. Your Business Doesn’t Have Professional Cleaning Equipment

It can be challenging to clean an office properly without the right commercial cleaning supplies and equipment. When choosing a janitorial service, make sure they use the best tools to provide your employees with a clean work environment. You’re sure to notice the difference when a professional janitorial company such as Sunlight Janitorial has visited your office.

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