In the age of COVID-19, cleanliness is more important than ever.

If you own a company, retail store, or any commercial space, you’re probably breathing a sigh of relief as restrictions begin to relax in this country. Getting things back to normal is going to take some time, but there are sure to be some lasting impressions made from this debacle.

Having a clean space for your employees and customers is going to be imperative moving forward. Not only during reopening but into the future as well. In this post, we’re going to talk about commercial cleaning.

You need to know what to expect from one of these services so you can be sure that your workplace is safe for anyone coming in. 

What Do Commercial Cleaning Services Do?

A good commercial cleaning service will adhere to whatever your needs are. Obviously, different spaces require different levels of cleanliness based on what goes on inside.

For example, a retail store will see a lot of different customers throughout the day. You might need a commercial cleaner that’s available a few times a week to come in and do the floors and shelves. If you’re in an office, you might need garbage collection and disposal in addition to floor and surface cleaning.

You can expect a commercial cleaner to come prepared with everything that they need to do the job. That means having the proper equipment and well-trained staff that can get it done efficiently and effectively.

The best commercial cleaners will leave your office area, break room/kitchen, and bathrooms spotless for when you come in the next day. This might include vacuuming, dusting, wiping computer screens, cleaning toilets, and wiping down windows and mirrors.

How to Find the Perfect Commercial Cleaner

To find a great commercial cleaner for your office or retail space, look online to find ratings and reviews. Cleaners thrive on reputation and experience, so you’ll want to find one that has both. The best commercial cleaners will proudly display the testimonials of their happy customers on their website or link to them on social media.

At Sunlight Janitorial, we’ve been serving the central coast of California for 30 years. Our long list of satisfied customers has given us a great reputation for professionalism, courteousness, and a job well done. We offer regular cleanings, as well as one-time cleanings, and we do everything from commercial spaces to medical offices.

Finding a cleaner that you trust is the most important thing. If you’re in the central California area, contact us today and let us earn your trust.

Staying Clean for the Long Haul

When your office or store finally reopens for good, you’re going to need to be sure that your space is completely clean. Get yourself regular commercial cleaning and you can rest easy knowing that your workers and customers are as safe as possible.

Contact Sunlight Janitorial to discuss your cleaning needs with our dedicated professionals.