Your commercial building is an important part of your business, and you should do all you can to create a good impression of it with your employees and customers. That means knowing which questions to ask before hiring a service. It also means being mindful of the personal feelings surrounding safety in the time of coronavirus.

In the following article, we take a deeper look at why it’s important to keep your commercial building clean, and why you should start now. Let’s begin!

1. Commercial Cleaning Prevents Workers From Getting Sick

Professional cleaners are trained to identify and clean up areas with high levels of allergens and bacteria. They have the right tools to do the job, and they know how to respond to the unique challenges of your commercial building.

The advantage of this for you is that you ensure a cleaner, safer environment for your employees. That means running at full staff as much as possible and ensuring the health and safety of your team.

2. It Makes Your Team More Productive

Paid janitorial services will also make your employees more productive. This happens because they get to spend more time on the tasks you hired them for and less on the busy work of policing their area. 

Employees should be expected to keep a tidy space, but it’s not their job to break out the cleaning solution and scrub toilets. This can be demoralizing and get in the way of their expertise and training. Putting this service in the hands of a professional will ensure your staff stays on-task at all times.

3. It Costs Your Business Less Money

Paying to hire a janitor can actually be a net positive regarding financials. That’s because a cleaner environment will mean less you have to pay for sick time. 

Just how big of a deal is sick time? Well, one survey from Gallup and Healthways noted more than $80 billion a year spent paying for employees to stay home sick from work. A healthy environment can bring that number down considerably. 

4. It Presents Your Company Well

Outsourcing janitorial services will almost always result in a better job than if you had taken it upon yourself to do the work. That means every time a visitor walks into your commercial building, they’ll experience sparkling surfaces, clean carpets, and pleasant odors.

It projects an air of professionalism. It also leaves customers and employees with a good impression of your business as a whole.

5. It Makes Customers Feel Safer

Especially in the post-COVID environment, customer safety is important. We’re still trying to assimilate into a “new normal” from a year-long pandemic that killed more than 500,000 people. Investing in the best janitorial service you can find will help your business stand out as one that takes the safety of its guests seriously. 

Cleaning Your Commercial Building Pays Dividends

You should consider hiring professional cleaning services to take care of your commercial building because it makes good financial sense. It also builds trust among those who work for you and do business with you. 

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